Kundalini Yoga and Meditation


Kundalini Confetti

Get that prana poppin!
It’s a new year and we’re moving towards JOY and sharing our JOY in service and utilizing our JOY for buoyancy and wearing that JOY fabulously!
… Less funks and more funk!
… Keep your unique pep in your step!
… Yaaassss, I like the way you show up for others. (That’s hot!)

Special guest teachers Sada Nam, Shakeesha Semone, and Mahadevi !

50% of the class fee goes to Remerge.
Talk about Yoga! Walk about Yoga!

Please take a look at Remerge’s website to know where your funds are going to: http://remerge.org/


6 Sundays 9:30-11AM (then go get your brunch)
Starting Sunday January 27th
at Remerge in Old Fourth Ward.
340 Auburn Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30312
(Street parking available)

1. *important Bring your own mat and blanket. This is an art space, not a yoga studio, there will be no yoga accoutrements there. But there will be Yogis woop woop!
(bring a mat to share if you can! We are inviting members of the Remerge community to join in!)

2. Please arrive early. (extra early if you want to help Narinder set up)

3. The fee is 60$ for all six classes if you sign up before January 15th and suggested donation of 15$-20$ if you choose to pay for each class. Make sense? ask questions if that’s a ‘no’

4. Get the pre-class series price by sending 60$ using Venmo - @narinder-bazen

5. No Kundalini Yoga experience required.
No dismal seriousness required.

6. Bring your Keep Up.


If you’d like to schedule a private class please contact me for details.