Excited to share that regular weekly classes will begin
November 14th at 7:30PM
420 McDonough Boulevard, Atlanta, GA
We love Thursday evening classes!

”In Kundalini Yoga the most important thing is your experience. It goes right to your heart.
No words can replace your experience.
Your mind may accept the words or it may not, but your consciousness will not accept just words.” - Yogi Bhajan

Past Events

Kundalini Keep Up.jpg

Kundalini Keep Up

No Excuses!
A six week series for spiritual endurance.

“All our life needs is for us to come to a spiritual endurance. The effect of this spiritual endurance is the primary factor that can take you calmly and quietly through the channels of life. There is no difference between you and your divine endurance.
The pressure we all go through is sometimes unbearable and this pressure is always here. Atmosphere has a pressure, longitude and latitude have a pressure, and aptitude and attitude have a pressure. That is why we build spiritual endurance through meditation and mantra.
Sometimes each person's load can only be taken collectively. Collectively we can pull the weight. We have a collective strength in us, hand in hand, in friendship, in the love, and in the affection. Do not keep things to yourself and say, ‘I cannot.’ There is nothing you cannot do.”

-Yogi Bhajan

6 Sundays
Starting May 12th (Mother’s Day)
25% of the proceeds will go to Motherhood Beyond Bars “Compassionate Support for Incarcerated Women”

Bring your A-game - Your Affirmation, Allegiance, and Acceptance of Self!

Location: The Plaza at Ponce City Market located on the Beltline, just south of the Shed (outdoor area with picnic tables). We will make sure you find us!

This event is hosted by Modern Mystic Shop
Please register here.

art by Estela Semeco
Instagram @estela.semeco


Kundalini Confetti

Get that prana poppin!
It’s a new year and we’re moving towards JOY and sharing our JOY in service and utilizing our JOY for buoyancy and wearing that JOY fabulously!
… Less funks and more funk!
… Keep your unique pep in your step!
… Yaaassss, I like the way you show up for others. (That’s hot!)

Special guest teachers Sada Nam, Shakeesha Semone, and Mahadevi!

50% of the class fee goes to Remerge.
Talk about Yoga! Walk about Yoga!

Please take a look at Remerge’s website to know where your funds are going to: http://remerge.org/

CLASS DETAILS BELOW:6 Sundays 9:30-11AM (then go get your brunch)
Starting Sunday January 27th
at Remerge in Old Fourth Ward.
340 Auburn Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30312
(Street parking available)

1. *important Bring your own mat and blanket. This is an art space, not a yoga studio, there will be no yoga accoutrements there. But there will be Yogis woop woop!
(bring a mat to share if you can! We are inviting members of the Remerge community to join in!)

2. Please arrive early. (extra early if you want to help Narinder set up)

3. The fee is 60$ for all six classes if you sign up before January 15th and suggested donation of 15$-20$ if you choose to pay for each class. Make sense? ask questions if that’s a ‘no’

4. Get the pre-class series price by sending 60$ using Venmo - @narinder-bazen

5. No Kundalini Yoga experience required.
No dismal seriousness required.

6. Bring your Keep Up.


Concentric Circles

A full moon deep listening experience
for visionaries.

A site-specific meditation.

What is this event? … sense into it, what do you hear?


At Madam C J Walker Museum
54 Hilliard St, Atlanta, GA

Concentric Circles - circles with a common center - all moving around the same source, vinyl records, ripples from your embodied visions

Only you can create your unique new-world gift.

Please familiarize yourself with Madam C J Walker if you plan to attend and do not know who she is.

Ricci de Forest, the current owner, welcomes us into the museum. We are grateful to him.

In my experience, this is a sacred space, and I ask that participants keep that in mind.
(Not solemn sacred, joyful sacred... yet Sacred...know what I'm saying?)

The cost is 25$
50% goes to the Madam C J Walker Museum.

Please bring a mat or cushion to sit on, we will be sitting on the floor.
This is NOT a Kundalini Yoga event.

Pre-registration is required.
To register please send 25$ to

Venmo - narinder-bazen
Paypal - narinderbazen@gmail.com
(include in your transaction the note)


Kundalini for the Nectars
(balance the Tattvas)

A six weeks series to find the honey!
"There are five tattvas, and five tattvas secrete nectar, every tattva oozes out a nectar. Yogi takes a cup of consciousness and drinks it.”
- Yogi Bhajan

Sundays 9:30-11AM

The location for this series couldn’t be sweeter!
Oakland Cemetery Bell Tower (above the gift shop) in the Spring!
Starting March 17th through April 21st

50% of the proceeds go to the African American cemetery lot restoration project. Because we can, Yogis!

Pre-registration is HIGHLY suggested due to limited space in the bell tower. After 30 students register the pre-registration will be closed. WE are limitless, but sometimes space isn’t.

You can purchase all six classes for $70 until March 3rd.
After March 3rd the price for the series will be $95.

Venmo @narinder-bazen

art by: Xanthe Nichols-Jordan

If you’d like to schedule a private class please see the one-on-one with Narinder page.