Two Crows land at the crossroads.
They can point you in a worthwhile direction.

all offerings are available to everyone
if financial assistance is needed, please email


Navigational Readings
$22 for 3 card pull

This reading is excellent for charting
where you are on your path in the present moment,
where you are heading to
and what to keep an eye out for to best serve your journey.
Readings are done via email.




40 Day Journey with Two Crows

                      "Find your soul. Find out where you have come from, what you are doing here,
                               and where you are going. Look at the map of your life."  - Yogi Bhajan

 3 sessions in person and
homework in-between
as support through your
40 Day Personal Practice

Apply yourself for yourself and live easier,  as if led by your intuitive navigation.  Be you.

Practice daily, sitting in flow, getting to the point yet grasping at nothing. The steadfastness here is anchoring.  
Thrive through your uniqueness. No depletion of self.  What do you want?  Let's go there.
You are the guiding star, let opportunities cross over to you. Inspire others just by being you.  You can relax now. You have your own plumb line. Drop in.  
 From your center, you find True North.  Then bring that into  your every day.

Show up for yourself  for 40 Days in a row and see what happens.  I am with you for each step.

40 Day Sadhana  guided and supported

 333$ for the 40 Day Sadhana guidance.



$85 for 90 minutes - In Person
70$ for 60 minutes - Phone Session

Let's get right to the Heart of the story.
I'm listening.

We may use tools such as oracle readings, art,
guided meditation, ritual and prayer.

We will use the technology of Kundalini Yoga
and we'll definitely use our intuition.




Death Midwifery

Please visit
to learn more.

Narinder serves as Death Midwife and Home Funeral Guide and has consolidated that work and created Atlanta Death Midwifery.
Visit for information. 








email Narinder at to schedule an appointment
All offerings are available to anyone. If you need financial assistance please email Narinder.