Numinous Communication

hearing the subtle energies, seeing the unseen, introducing you to the unknown

Within Atlanta city limits only. If outside of Atlanta please contact to discuss.

The titles ‘paranormal investigator’ or ‘ghost-buster’ do not fit Narinder. She reads land and homes. She communicates with the spirits of the place and the hidden history.
Her work is always aligned with grace, yet she is not naive to the lower vibrations that can inhabit a place and ‘pull people down.’ Often times she is called to help homeowners make sense of the ‘dark’ energy in their home. She can read subtle energies, translate them to her clients and also help to clear them.

She finds that the many spirits of a place are not to be pushed out, but rather lived with.
Narinder teaches her clients how to do this.
If there are negative forces, she can escort them to higher vibrations. She finds often that her clients feel more secure after her visit.

She guides spaces to harmonic resonance.


$150 for one hour initial reading and clearing within Atlanta
If we’re talking Demonic energy, that will be discussed at first meeting and an estimate will be given for that additional visit.
$50 for 30 minute phone consultation

Due to the nature of this work, each job carries its own unique load. If a ‘clearing’ is needed, an estimate will be given after the initial reading.
Please email with any questions.


“Narinder, you have a gift to share! People and spirits / energies need your help and support. For sure! You have a way.. I loved working with you and I’m looking forward to more work together as things unfold. 
I highly recommend Narinder and her spot on work in this area. Her keen sense and insight don’t disappoint. If something is nudging you about exploring the energy in your home or space good, bad or otherwise Narinder brings it! “ - Katherine

“Narinder is nothing short of gifted in her abilities to go into a space with pure intention and help all involved. She listens, moves, guides clearly, bravely and with exceptional intuition. Like a ghost detective she rolls up her sleeves, unafraid to hold space with certainty and puts the puzzle pieces together to reveal the TRUTH. She validated and confirmed everything I was experiencing for years and knew just how to handle the space and situation. She completely changed the energy of my space and restored peace to a once heavy and unshakable dark cloud that had engulfed my home. I will be forever grateful for her and her bravery to answer the call to help those in life, death and in between.” -Jo

“Narinder was there for me when I needed it most. After going through a traumatic time in my life, losing almost everything including financial means and partner, she helped clear the path for a new start. Narinder swept the spiritual cobwebs from my home, chased away the dark memories, and made it possible for me to begin again. I don’t know much about what Narinder calls “spatial clearing” but whatever she did was like a breath of fresh air.
Lots of people do this stuff but it’s watered down. She has a special way of connecting that has real impact. Life is different now.” - Carly

“Narinder came to my house to help remove a negative force that was causing me to have panic attacks. Through a series of actions, chanting, and specific touch Narinder not only helped me lessen my anxiety but also moved a great feeling of darkness from my space. She did all of this with immense grace and support to what I was going through. In a moment where I wasn’t sure what was going on, Narinder brought grounding into my body and into my home.” - CW