Spatial Shifting

With gifts passed down from my Grandmother and new tools acquired through my  experiences, I am confident in my ability to shift the vibration in your place of work, home or land.
In these 2 hour sessions, I ask that you are also there so that the reset happens on all active levels.

If you feel that the space around you is holding onto old energetic patterns, such as trauma, hauntings, or unexplained happenings, I am honored to help.


"Narinder,  you were there for me when I needed it most. After going through a traumatic time in my life, losing almost everything including financial means and partner, you helped clear the path for a new start. You swept the spiritual cobwebs from my home, chased away the dark memories, and made it possible for me to begin again. I don’t know much about what you call “spatial shifting” but whatever you did was like a breath of fresh air. Thank you again for what you did for me. My life is so different now. It’s hard to believe I was in that much pain. I really can’t wrap my head around what I’ve been through this past year. . Lots of people do this stuff but it's watered down. You have a special way of connecting that has real impact. It's a rare gift. "   - Carly  (Attorney)

"One of Narinder’s great strengths and gifts is her ability to read space and the energies and entities they may contain. She is deeply connected to the subtle realms, and I have bore witness to her gracefully using this connection to alter and uplift the feeling of a variety of physical spaces, including homes and studios."   -  I.M.(artist)

"I had Narinder come and clear the space at an old bar I own in Atlanta. She did a great job and we have not had any unusual activity since she was at the property. She explained everything clearly and was a joy to work with."  
- Trey H. (Atlanta Restauranteer )

"Narinder came to my house to help remove a negative force that was causing me to have panic attacks. Through a series of actions, chanting and with a gentle touch, she not only helped me lessen my anxiety but also moved a great feeling of darkness from my space.  She did all of this with immense grace and support to what I was going through. In a moment where I wasn't sure what was going on, Narinder brought grounding into my body and my home."    - Charlie W. (Atlanta Photographer)

$333 for 2 hours