Gathering  tools:
Kundalini Yoga
Radiant Child Yoga



40 Day Sadhana support
Oracle reading
Holding space for you

Spatial Shifting

Healing Home and Land
from hauntings,
trauma, or stuck energy
Etheric Communication



 My name is Narinder Bazen-Khalsa.
My gifts coalesce and prepare a place where others find support, real talk, inspiration, ritual and solutions.
I am here to serve.
I am, I am.
And it is so, by Thy grace.

Please go to
for details about Narinder's Death Midwifery and Home Funeral Guidance

Two Crows
are a boon to the brave navigators.
one  rises from the valley of death
other descends- on light strings- from oak cathedrals
soaring through the middle of duality
side by side

they call out
'Cross! Cross!'